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This Yoga Move Will Gently Stretch Your Hamstrings and Quads in Simply 10 Minutes

Loosening up tight lower-body muscular tissues like your hamstrings and quads has big implications to your exercises and your restoration. And including in a lower-body yoga stream to your routine is an effective way to reap these rewards.

Perhaps you’re attempting to perfect your form for a deadlift, nevertheless it appears like you'll be able to’t ease down into that hip hinge fairly proper. Otherwise you wish to improve your running speed, however you’re languishing on a plateau. Whereas there are numerous components that go into bettering efficiency in power or cardio exercises, loosening up tight decrease physique muscular tissues will pay big dividends on this.

So, how did these muscular tissues get rubber-band-level tight within the first place? Sitting an excessive amount of is a well-known offender, based on London-based yoga trainer Jen Landesberg, RYT, an teacher on the health app EvolveYou. In response to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), an entire lot of sitting places your hamstring muscular tissues in a shortened place, which may result in that all-too-familiar sense of tightness. Your hip flexors—a gaggle of muscular tissues within the entrance of your physique that features a part of your quads and your psoas—can tighten up too.

“You go out of your automobile to your desk to your couch, and your quads and hamstrings are in the identical place for every,” she tells SELF. “That’s continuously shortening your muscular tissues.”

On the flip facet, train also can result in tightness. Cardio workouts, like working, and power coaching—particularly when you’re lifting heavier weights with compound actions like deadlifts or squats—can result in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), based on ACE. This soreness can result in stiffness in your muscular tissues, which may make your muscular tissues really feel tight. (DOMs in your quads and hamstrings is frequent after a lower-body exercise, however when you really feel sharp ache, or the discomfort doesn’t go away in a couple of days, make sure to see a bodily therapist or a physician.)

Yoga-inspired strikes or stretches will be useful to counteract this tightness—and it usually doesn’t take lengthy to see a distinction, Landesberg says. Normally just some poses a day totaling about 10 minutes of stretching can present aid from muscle rigidity.

And that’s a profit felt not solely in your on a regular basis life, but in addition throughout your exercise: It could actually assist enhance train efficiency since it will possibly permit your muscle teams to work extra effectively collectively, which additionally improves your vary of movement. Plus, Landesberg says, easing this tightness by way of yoga-inspired strikes helps enhance joint mobility, improve blood stream to your muscular tissues—useful for restoration—and immediately alleviate rigidity in your decrease again and hips.

Landesberg created the four-move, lower-body yoga stream beneath particularly to loosen up your tight quads and hamstrings. You possibly can strive it as a standalone routine to interrupt up time spent sitting, nevertheless it’s additionally actually nice for a cool-down stretch routine after a tough exercise. By biking by way of staples just like the excessive crescent lunge, downward canine, low lunge, and lizard pose, you’ll loosen up your decrease physique and ease away all that rigidity.

The Move

What you want: Yoga mat or a carpeted ground for good grip.


  • Excessive crescent lunge
  • Downward canine
  • Low lunge
  • Lizard pose


  • Intention to carry every pose for 30 seconds—which is about 5 deep breaths. Move from one pose to the following with out resting. Do three rounds.

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